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Reply To: Rx levels change all of a sudden

Aadil Shafi

Hi Alex and Garry,

Firstly my email is

Secondly,we have checked the Rx levels in the BSC, its ok, but in the field situation is different, all of a sudden the rx level drops to such a level that the other signals dominate.and as expected the call drops.
Sometimes, level of a particular cell varies only and the other two cells dominate.In some cases however, the Rx level of the whole site varies and is retored after few seconds to few minutes.Be it in idle mode or in dedicated mode, the level varies.

Regarding the hardware, we are using Nokia with Katherine antennas and max of these sites are having this prob.

But one observation i have had is that the sites having this problem mainly have the alrms i have mentioned.

Garry, Regarding the 7743 & 7746 alarms, definitely every alarm has a threshold defined in BSC, but each alarm means something. These are the alarms i am getting in those sites having RX level variation. thats why i wanted info regarding these alarms.