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Reply To: Rx levels change all of a sudden

Garry !!

Hi Aadil,

Well, there could be many causes for a particular problem. The best way is to isolate them one-by-one.

Regarding your rx_lev changes:
1.Have you checked the path balance of the cell ? It should be checkec per TRX wise.

2. Is that problem is on particular TRX or in the entire cell ?

3. Do let me know this, then may be I can suggest you some more solutions.

If it is cell specific problem, BSC level settings would hardly matter at times.

Regarding your 7743 & 7746 alarms:

1.In BSC settings you must have defined some threshold for this alarms, check whether is it a network wide problem or cell specific problem.

Revert incase of case of any clarifications if required.

Best regards,

Garry !!