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Reply To: Training sequence codes


Dear all,

@Alok :
What need to know about Training sequence code :
1. TSC is known both by transmitter and receiver
2. TSC is to maintain timing and equalize the channel (Syncrhonization) as to reduce the ISI or multipath fading effects
3.TS is very important e.i when a mobile is about to handover to neighbouring cell, it will listen to the BCCH of the neighboring cell, then it will give information to the BTS about the signal strenght, timing advance, etc. This information is brought by a set of burst timeslot. That is Trainig sequence. The receiver will examoines the received training sequence and compares it with a known one in an adaptive equalisation process and the outcome of this comparison is used to correct the transmitted information bits. That informaiton is like as signal strenght, TA, etc.

@kobe :

Please correct me if I’m wrong :
– Hopping frequency (SFH) is a method where BCCH channel freq is hopped, but not the TCH.
-Baseband Hopping (BBH) => all TCHs and BCCH are hopped.

As we know, TSC brings the information which is carried through BCCH. The reason why we need to set TSC to BCC in freq hopping, maybe is the TSC’s functionality itself, that is TSC for BCCH, CCCH, & CBCH in which BSS sets the TSC to the O&M parameter of BCC(this requires a mandatory value where TSC value is equal to BCC value).

I think we need more opinion about it 🙂

Dear Pix,

Perhaps you could clarify my opinion. I’m still a little bit confuse.