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Reply To: RBS/BSC Ericsson



Note: Only when TF mode is master or stand-alone. The synchronisation reference from the PCM network is faulty (for example too much jitter/wander) or missing. This is probably a transmission fault. If the fault occurs while TF is trying to synchronise, then the fault AO TF EC1:1 arises after 5 minutes. If the fault occurs while TF is synchronised, then TF goes into hold-over mode (that is stops using the reference) and after 5 minutes, the fault AO TF EC2:0 arises on TF. If the PCM reference has not come back within one hour (hold-over timeout), fault AO TF EC1:1 arises and TF becomes disabled. Follow the instructions below until the fault is corrected: Check the PCM line, the transmission equipment, and so on. Check the PCM quality with the BSC printout command DTQUP: DIP and the OMT monitor Phase difference error, PCM. Note: The preferred PCM reference can be set in the IDB, for example PCM A, PCM B or both.