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Reply To: ATM

Julyson Tayde

ATM is an integrated technology where all your applications (video, data, voice, etc) are transported. In the future, most will be using ATM since it solves most of the current problems of other present technologies. Circuit switch has its problem of inefficiency especially when used in data communication. Packet/Frame switcing has its problems of great delays when using it in voice applications. Thus ATM rised to solve all this problems.

The technology:
This is because it is a cell-relay technology. A cell in ATM is 53 bytes or octets, 5 octets are for cell header and 48 octets is the payload.

ATM is basically a time-division multiplexing technique, only it is in the cell level, meaning your packets or frames are divided into cells and then switch and routed.

With that cell-relay approach, ATM can emulate same present technologies, like circuit emulation, frame emulation, etc. and thus able to handle same applications run by those said technologies.

I’m currently reading ATM book but since it’s my first time to read this technology, I think I still need more exposure with this. If you have questions, try emailing me at