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Reply To: STM-1


Hi Weber,

It seems you are refering to Inilink which is mostly used in ERICSSON Cell Sites.

This is shorter distance ( Higher Freq MW Links )and has a capcity of MAX-16 PCMs..

Called as PDH.

SDH – Technology can be used in MICROWAVE or OPTICAL.If it is MW used in ( Lower MW Fre Link ) for Longer Distance.Mostly for Ntework Backbone Network like OPTICAL.Normally OPTICAL has more good stability compare to SDH.But SDH is easy to deploy and start operation.

And additionaly…

In ERICSSON-AXE810 you can get STM-1 ( 63 PCMs) Output either as Optical/Electrical for MW Links directly from SWICTH MSC/BSC.

This is new…..