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Reply To: 2206 and 2202 internal operation


Hi Jasmine & others,
BTS(Base transceiver System)is a set of equipment, called RBS in Ericsson, to handle a cell in GSM. RBS consists of transmitters, receivers, CDUs,power supplies and antenna system. Each GSM site may be configured in one, two or three sectors and each sector is provided with one TRU to six TRUs.For GSM, RBS200 series and RBS2000 series were used.At present RBS2206 is extensively used. For WCDMA, a 3G technology, RBS3000 series is introduced by Ericsson.In both series, indoor and outdoor models are available.All are pre assembled and require one hour for testing & commissioning.It can be interfaced to transmission through a T1(1.5Mb/s) or E1(2.048Mb/s).Tx power is +44 dBm with combiner and +47 dBm without combiner(CDU).Rx sensitivity is around -125 dBm.It is provided with AC or +ve grounded DC supplies.