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Reply To: 2206 and 2202 internal operation


Hi Shaleen,
I will try to tell you in a generall way, not vendor specific..When u do commissioning of a bts,there should be a path defined between BSC and Bts..(this is for Abis)..there should be a code for an IP adress,so that bsc(and then omc) can differentiate from other site..configuration of bts,frequency that is going to be used,output power,path between mw indoor unit and bts interface unit,path for RX part of each TRX should be defined either from site or from OMC(bsc) depending on vendor..

When u commission any type of MW…U need to specify RX and TX frequency,attenuation,output power,fade margin kind of values to obey frequency regulations and with an optimum interferance.

I hope these info will give an overall idea to u.