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Reply To: SCCP vs TCAP :Differences ??????


basically comparing SCCP with TCAP!! wont make any sense

we can compare SCCP with MTP
For example
MTP have the capabilty to send and receive the S.U from one end of the link to other end, vis-versa.
But SCCP is end- end connection
From a node in a local network to another node in the another remote network
Now we back to SCCP and TCAP
Actually SCCP is a transport medium for TCAP!! U can ask already MTP is there whats the need for SCCP??
I will give u one example!
TCAP core functionality is to enable the feature in the remote switch/SP/exchange and quering Toll free number application.
In toll free number application ( 800)
Prerequest: u should know abt how toll free number works!!
In brief:
If u dial a 800 number, the local SSP wont have intelligent to route directly, it as to be translated to a intelligent routing number,
So it will query the home STP for retriving the actual routing number
corresponding to this toll free number.
STP will do the GTT and find in which network inturns in which (SCP and SSN) database the corresponding routing number is available.
If home STP doesnt have this info it will pass on to next hierarcial STP and goes on still it gets the actual routing number.
Once it gets the routing info.. from the SCP it pass back to the SSP which queried
And from now home SSP will start to establish the call ..

In this scenario
SSP–>STP–>SCP and visversa
Yes local SSP form a TCAP message with the toll free numeber attach the SCCP header and etc..
the query messages are TCAP message
how the message will travel??
by means of SCCP
so SCCP is a end- end transport medium for TCAP
from this u can conclude that TCAP uses SCCP bcos it needs end to end transport protocol for retriving the routing number from the SCP which may be located any were in the large network,

i hope u can get clear idea now..