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Reply To: Call forwarding scenario

Pradeep M Nair

Hi Vijay,

I have a 2 queries on this too.
1) In the first call when A Calls B Forwarded to C, would’t the “Called No” that C exchange gets be C instead of B?

If NO,then in the Second call when A Calls B Forwarded to C Fwded to D,how can the “Called No” that D exchange gets be D? Would it not be B as before?

2)In case of PSTN that uses R2 MF (ie if SS7 is not used) how would be the scenario that Akku had asked?
Is there something like OCN that is passed to the forwarded C or D switches?

Please reply to the above 2 questions.
Thanks and Regards,
Pradeep M Nair