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Reply To: Prepaid Roaming

Wallis Dudhnath

Below are more CAMEL specifications from 3GPP.

CAMEL / IN (Intelligent Network) is based on a Finite State Machine (FSM) model. The specifications define core Functional Entities: (gsm)SSF, (gsm)SCF, SDF, (gsm)SRF, IP, etc.. that are used in the Network.


3GPP TS 22.078: CAMEL Service Description; Stage 1

3GPP TS 23.078: CAMEL Phase 4; Stage 2

3GPP TS 29.078: CAMEL Phase 4; CAMEL Application Part (CAP) specification

3GPP: Contents of each CAMEL phase

3GPP TS 23.278: CAMEL Phase 4 – Stage 2; IM CN Interworking

3GPP TS 29.278: CAMEL Application Part (CAP) Specification for IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS)

3GPP TR 21.978: Feasibility Technical Report – CAMEL Control of VoIP Services

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath