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Reply To: Microwave Transmission


Could anyone help me on the question below?:

“What is the basic difference between H & V polarization of a parabolic dish antenna?”

>>Antenna polarization refers to the orientation of electric field as it leaves the surface of the antenna. Normally, a radiated energy is what we called electromagnetic energy – which is comprised of 3 components: 1.) magnetic field or the current 2.) electrid field or the voltage and 3.) the direction. In a parabolic dish antenna, it is the orientation of the rectangular waveguide at the back of the dish that determines its polarization. Looking at a typical 2D rectangle it has L and W. Applying this to a waveguide, the width (shorter side of rectangle) is the electric field lines and the Length(longer side) is the magnetic field lines. Simply by looking at the waveguide behind the dish, you’ll know its polarization.