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Reply To: Local Direct Calling(Dialling)

Jack Sparrow

Hi …Technically routing any MSRN is not a Problem.As I said if the MSRN is coming for a UK Network Who will pay it ( A-Party,A-Operator,B-Party,B-Operator)& How you will make him pay it ?

If you say A-Party / A-Operator, then sorry impossible.

B-Operaor /B-Party-Need Billing Info.

How you will generate Billing which has both the A & B Party Call Reference.

Make the routing as 1.Local SCP Kind DB no Result go to next Routing as Normal that is also fine to Do.

But the only point where I am not satisfied is Billing the MSRN Leg.

A Good news to you.There is a solution from TANLA SOLUTIONS-Indian Company.

But still I am concernd abt HOW DO THEY GENERATE RELATED CDRs ?