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Reply To: telecommuting


I guess most companies would like to have good workers and pay them little salary which is possible in case of telecommuting. I worked in Saudi Arabia, they paid me $8500/months for very easy surveilance job and they pay such money for every engineer even whose who did very easy job because nobody want to live in Saudi Arabia and the only way for them to attract people is to pay them good salary. Actually the same situation exist in every “developed” country. I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and here there are a lot of American software companies which hire local programmers. American companies pays them around $1000/month, for the same job in America they have to pay arond $4000/months and get worse service then in russia because russian programmers works harder because $1000/months considered very good salary in russia. The same situation with programmers in India, India is a largest “offshore” programming country because it is very profitable for Amarican and Europe companies hire staff in India, pay them “indian” salary and get good service in exchange. I wonder why “offshore” working not used in telecom field? It is very profitable for companies pay $1000 per months for the job they have to pay, say, $4000 per months and at the same time get better service, because in many countries people would work much harder for $1000 months then people work in Europe and America for $4000/month.