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Reply To: Call flow for international Roaming


Continuing my quest towards resolving the international roaming problem:-)

1. Once the Subscriber info has been sent to the visited n/w, in what other scenarios (barring another LU) is the home HLR contacted by the visted MSC/VLR?

2. Is there some way of preventing the billing info to reach the home service provider and instead route it to a 3rd party.

3. Does the visited HLR know, at any point of time, that a international roamer is in the network, or does the home HLR is the one point contact for any subscription info that the visited MSC/VLR may need? Incase there is any info in visited HLR, what is it & how is it updated?

Some of it may not be technically possible, if anyone can provide comments on the above mentioned design concept and throw some light on the questions it would be very helpful.