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Reply To: IN in GSM


Hi Guys,

Very informative discussion. Thanks

Does anyone have an idea as to which CAMEL phase (i.e. Phase 1, 2 or 3) is currently implemented within mobile operator’s networks?

Does the fact that an operator has GPRS, have anything to do with what CAMEL phase they are at??

Just going back to the discussion, in terms of CAMEL I think the whole idea is to enable an operator to offer OSS (Operator Specific Services) that are avilable while roaming (of course the visited netwrok needs o be CAMEL aware). This is done by trnasferring the CAMEL Subscription Information (CSI) to the VLR of the VMSC at registration of location update or when CSI changes.
One of things the CSI has is the address of the SCF in the HPLMN and the VMSC can query the SCF in the HPLMN in case it comes accross any armed triggers.

Kind Regards