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Reply To: Minutes conversion ( GSM)


I assume 36E is peak traffic. To handle 36 E requires 48 channels, therefore 48 similtaneous calls are possible. (assuming a 1% failure rate or GOS=.01)

capacity of BTS/RBS, sorry I have no knowledge of mobile network confiurations.

E1’s required. Determine the number of channels required (eg as above) and divide by the number of channels the E1 is capable of in a carrier grade voice network an E1 is capable of carrying 30 channels, with 32 Kb voice compression it carries 60 channels, with 16kb voice it carries 120 channels. I do not know the point at which compression is occuring for the mobile-PSTN point -of-interconnect so I cant be specific. My guess is that for a PSTN connection you will have 30 channels, therefor for the above 36E=48 channels = 2 x E1