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Reply To: average time of subscriber line usage


thank you both!

90-120sec = 1,5-2min
1,5/60 = 25mErlang
2/60 = 33mErlang
how do you get to different results?

maybe you know my question some threats before. given voice channels, with given B => also given Erlang. now want to have the number of customers supported by these channels.
at work I heard about 0.16Erlang per customer, so about 10min usage per hour. thats much more than you think… can you image where this difference comes from?
but when I try to get a result by calculating:
1-8 channels make 0.0101010 – 3.1275623 Erlang (GOS 1%)
NumberofCustumers = Erlang (channels)/Erlang(customer)
There I have a problem with interpreting the result for 1 channel being smaller than 1 (customer) or am I making a big fault? for 8 channels the result quite okay…