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Reply To: O&M


Thanx ppl 4 ur replies…really appriciate tht…well u guys r rite in sayin tht i gotta start from scratch n tht neednt be a pleasurable exp. tht surely is a valid point.but there’s something else 2 n tht is the workin at my company…it surely isnt organised n planned at all…u can figure it out when i tell u tht even after 1 month of my joinin i havent been provided with a personal table n chair…sometimes in the conference room n sometimes in somebody else’s cabin..n its same 4 the other guys who joined with me…whts more they r not at all bothered abt trainin us i guess they’ve just assumed tht we’ll learn in due course of time…come on u got 2 hav some sort of a plan when u hire some1…i dont see any sort of a plan so far…well lets see if there’s ne progress here