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Reply To: BCCH Failure



1. BCCH is only on the forward direction and not in the reverse direction.(it is only in the Downlink).For SDCCH it is a subtimeslot in TS1 it self.
2.It has to be at the network as well as the Mobile has to syncronise with the network to get to be able to be in TDM(time division multiplex).
3.BCCH TRX is not allowed to be in hopping.(the types of hopping u mentioned can be searched on the net.).
4.What do u mean by protection ratio.
If u mean C/I for cochannel and adjaent channel.
they are network specific it depends on the desigh and number of frequencies u have.
5.u need to have the min erl per subcriber that u predict,then by multiplying u 5000 and this merl u can get the total erl of the area and then u get the minimum number of sites as well as the site configuration based on the frequency specturm that u have u can plots the sites and get the prediction on the planning tool. Then u have to have the link budget and the model tuning done on the area u are planning for and there are some more steps.