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Reply To: BCCH Failure


hi chefo,boboo,

i have few question:

1. on forward channel we have BCCH & SDCCH reserved on TS0&TS1 on one of TX but which logical channel we have which correspond to BCCH & SDCCH timeslot TS0&TS1 on Reverse channel ?

2.Where do this cyclic multiframe & superframe repeat? On one site, one bts or complete network.

3. what is difference between SFH & base band hopping? Do channel containing BCCH & SDCCH hops?

4. what are protection ratio for co-channel& adjacent channel?

5. you are given a area to cover say 1,000 kmsquare with 5,000 subscriber & planning tool? which are the minimum set of parameters you start with.just mentioned the steps only.

pls reply,thanks in advance,