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Reply To: BCCH Failure


Hi Chefo & Boboo,
We have dual band (900/1800) on our sites. We r facing intra cell HO probelm i-e when the calls on DCS with signal strength of around -89dbm with RX_qual from 0-2, in this case the SS of 900 band is better than SS of DCS band so it handovers to 900 band, after HO to 900 band on the basis of SCLD=ON it checks the traffic load threshold on 900 and again HO back to 1800. This is a very chronic issue and you might know that

Increase in HO rate = Suspected Increase in Drop call rate.

We r using erisson and the value we have set for LOL=130 with LOLHYST=3?

Any suggesion regarding this issu.