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Reply To: BCCH Failure


1) You must take into account the feature of your vendor. According to my nortel’s experiences, there is a priority for the TS allocation like hereunder:
1st : TRX hopping & without interference
2nd TRX no hopping & without interference
3rd TRX hopping & interference
4nd Trx non hopping & intereference .

4) frequency hopping depend on several parameters:
At first, the kind of frequency hopping that you want to implement (SFH or BBH)
And the Vendor features.
You must check if you are able to check the MAIO and the MAL. Because some vendor don’t use the MAIO for exemple.
(In case of SFH), They ‘re just going to implement the MAL to each sector. That means you must have 3 MAL in your case. Another vendor will implement 1 MAL by site with 1 MAIO by sector.
Don’t forget in SFH, the BCCH TRX aren’t supposed to hope

5) in Nortel features, you are not allowed to lose BCCH TS. If there is a problem on radio 1, the BCCH switch on automatically on radio 2 (or radio 3 if radio 2 has also a problem).

I hope I helped you. Don’t hesitate if you want more information.