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Reply To: BCCH Failure


Hi all,
Hello chefo,

I m new in RF optimization. Please could u answer few my question that will help to clear some basic conecpt.
We r using ericsson R10 system. We have three sectors per cell. Total no. of freq. are 25 i-e 1-25. In most of the cells we r using 4:4:4 config.
Freq. 2-16 are BCCH frequencies. 17 is gaurd band. Rest is hopper. In each sector 29 Ts for TCHs. 2 for SDCCH and 1 for BCCH.
My questions are:
1) if there r 4 radio is there any priority exist. I mean 1st then 2nd …
2) Is BCCCH on always TS0 OF trx1. Can we place to TS0 of radio 2?
3) Where do we place SDCHHs, is like first SDCCH on TS1 OF radio 1 and 2ND SDCCH ON TS1 OF radio2.
4) As a mentioned the hopping freq. How does it work, i mean in 1 sector where there are 4 radios.
Does it aassign all the hoping freq. per radio or does it take all four radios together.
5)if both the BCCH and SDCCH is on radio 1 and in case of radio 1 switch off or got some problem then what gonna happen.

As i m new in this area thats why i m bit confused.
Kindly explain me these things.

Thanks and regards.