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Reply To: BSIC Decoding


Hi Olgueta,

As I know about the MS from its tracing, MS needs to decode serving cell and several strongest neighbor cells, this is very important preparation for dedicated link, otherwise, MS must do the SCH sync again when the MS go into Cell reselection of new cell among the neighbors;

so I check with spec. it needs to implement this feature
(A), “A procedure shall be implemented in the MS by which it monitors the downlink RX signal level and quality from its serving cell and the downlink RX signal level and BSIC of surrounding BTS.”,
(B), “The MS shall attempt to check the BSIC for each of the 6 strongest non?serving cell BCCH carriers at least every 30 seconds, to confirm that it is monitoring the same cell. If a change of BSIC is detected then the carrier shall be treated as a new carrier and the BCCH data re-determined.”

So if the MS can not do this, this means the MS have some issue not meet with spec.;