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Reply To: Return Loss, Cable loss


Hi Nitin,
Return Loss is valuated by VSWR(Voltage Stationary Wave Ratio). Usually GSM feeders are adapted to 50 Ohms. Of course that this perfect adaptation can be matched for a narrow number of channels and not for full GSM bandiwth of 124 channels.VSWR value is the worst value inside all bandwith. usuually a value within (1.3-1.5) dB is accepted.

Cable loss is due to distance attenuation and is given per 100 m. Some feeders have 10dB/100m attenuation others have 2.5 dB/100m

Site analyser(site master) is a specific tool that allow you to measure all staffs regarding antenna and feeder system.It injects a signal in feeder system( including connectors, feeders, jumpers, antennas ,TMA and REKs) and it measures the VSWR attenuation etc….

Hope I gave you a clue:)Mail me if there are more to be detailed