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Reply To: what is c2 signalling


To Amberish trivedi ,

For R2 :-

In R2 TS-16 used for carrying Line Signalling.That is for in forming the other party about a particular ckt for IDLE,SEIZURE,ANSWER,CLEAR FORWARD/BACWARD Status.If you know PCM Baics …In each frame of 256 Bits 8 bits in TS 16 is used for Line Signalling Interaction for Two TS.

Lets Say TS-N.(N=any 1 TO 15)

In TS-16 at a time Line Signalling info for TS-N and TSN+16 will be carried out.In a single Multiframe all the TS will be having a chance to send Line Sigfnalling Info.

Lets Say using Line Signaling one of the channel is seized for Traffic.

Then the Call Originating Node will immedatly connect Register Signalling Devices in that Channel same in the other side also.

Then The register signals will carry info abt A-No,B-No,Sub Cat.

As per this definition each PCM Nedds a dedicated TS16 for Line Signalling.And huge amount of Register Signalling Devices which should be equal to the no of Voice Traffic Channels.

Becoz the register devices are also used while the call is going on to carry DTMF Tones And Etc.

For 10 PCM You need 10 TS for Sync +10 For Line Signalling.So you will be having only 300 Circuits for Voice Traffic and U need 300 Rehister Signalling Devices.

C7 :- Theoritically One TS Cann carry signalling in fo for nearly 4096 Circuits.Practically for 1000 Circuits.

So for 10 PCM :-

10 For Sync +1 For Signalling + 309 for Voice.

Due to the digital format of C7 Signalling you dont need any other things.It will carry all the related infos for Call Processing.
Thing the valume in huge like 25 PCMs.