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Reply To: GSM basics


Hi Sanjeev,
SS7 is CCS signaling whereas R2MF is CAS signalling.

Suppose if u have ten PCM stream connectivity between ur exchange and other exchange , then in case of SS7 signalling only one signalling channel (64Kbps of any PCM stream) is sufficient so totally u will get (10*31-1{sig})= 309 traffic channels (64 Kbps of each), implied it can carry 309 simultaneous calls with one (64kbps) signalling channel.

In case of R2MF signalling its mandatory that u have to reserve one channel (64Kbps) per PCM stream so if have ten PCM streams between exchange u will get
(30*10) 300 traffic channel.

Visit Cisco web site to get fundamentals

I hope i made it clear