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Reply To: E1 trunk needed


I have been trying to find out why customers always give a mins per month number. Its a poor number to go by for traffic analysis but here goes.

500,000 mins/ # of days in the month (say 30) gives us 16,667 mins per day.
16,667/by 18 hours gives us.
925.93 mins per hour during the day. Divide by 60 and you get Erlangs around 15.4.
Which one E1 can handle easily.

This number can change if say the calls only happen during the business week in a month, or if 60% of their traffic is evenings and weekends. Or say that in any given day 17% of traffic is during the busy hour…normal business traffic.
What they basically state is that their traffic is generally smooth throughout the day between 6a and 12am. BAD ASSUMPTION.