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Reply To: Erlang Formula


Question from Korwilis was:
“does any one can help me to the defenition between Rxlev and rx Quality?”

RxLev is the level of received signal, measured in dBm. You generally measure 2 different RxLev:
– Level of signal received by the mobile: (Downlink RxLev, or “DlRxLev”)
– Level of signal received by the BTS (Uplink RxLev, or “UlRxLev”)

The RxQual is a measure of the Bit Error Rate (BER). As above, you have DlRxQual and UlRxQual. Instead of following this indicator in terms of percentage, operators generally define “ranges” for the follow-up of the RxQual. Then they will follow some values between 0 (low error rate) and 7 (very high error rate).