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Reply To: Erlang Formula


Four towns A, B, C and D are connected in a telephone network as shown in the
above figure. Traffic between these 4 towns (in Erlangs) is given in the table below.
A – 10 10 40
B 15 – 5 5
C 10 5 – 10
D 30 10 5 –
Assuming that the end-to-end GoS blocking probability should be less than 1%,
calculate the number of trunks required for trunk groups A-C, C-D and B-C.
Note: Assume that the GoS blocking probability for all trunk groups (A-C, C-D, B-C)
is the same.
Due to the high traffic volume between towns A and D, the network planners have
decided to put a direct trunk group of 36 trunks between these two towns. To
compensate the cost of these additional trunks, network planners have also decided to
reduce the number of trunks between A-C and C-D by 37 trunks each. The new
routing policy is to route traffic between A and D using the direct trunk group and
once the direct trunk group is full, any incoming traffic (between towns A and D) are
routed via C. Calculate the blocking probabilities between A-D and B-D.
Note: Assume that the combination of overflow and offered traffic to any trunk group
is Poisson.

plz help me to solve this sum