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Reply To: BHCC and BHCA


In ITU-R M.1390,
Calculate Traffic/Useres
Units: call-seconds
This parameter is defined as the probability that the user is “offhook” and active in the busy hour for a circuit-switched call or a packet-switched session. It is clearly defined in Erlangs (call-seconds/3600) for circuit-switched services and for packet-switched services has the equivalent unit of average relative activity in a period of reference of the busy hour.

Traffic/Useres=  Busy_Hour_Call_Attemptses*  Call_Durationes*  Activity_Factores

When Traffic/Useres is defined in Erlangs,BHCA=(Traffic/Useres)/(Call_Durationes* Activity_Factores)

Call_Durationes is the time to to read the dialed number and determine routing or call holidng time?