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Reply To: BHCC and BHCA


I have a traffic model which says
that the line has to support 2 call originations per minute with average hold time of 165 seconds.

So Traffic = 2 x 165 /60 = 5.5 er

But in the field what we see from the logs is that hold time of avg call is very less . It is something as 30 secs. But the calls originations is much more than expected ( around 20 calls /min). Cuz of this failure rate is quite high.

Does it mean that if line has to support the 5.5 er then we can have tradeoff between call originations per mins and call duration.

What I am trying to say , then number of call attempts at busy hours is calculated as following

n = 5.5 er X 60/30 = 11 calls/min

where 5.5er is the traffic to be maintained and,
30sec is the call duration.

Does it hold true if there is deviation from number of call attempts per min at the cost of avg. call duration in order to support expected 5.5 er traffic.

Another one.
How do we calculate traffic of packet channels in the networks that service packet calls?