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Reply To: Packet-switched data


In my example above, I was just stating a way it could be used. If you are tied down to the symantics of 1 Erlang meaning the total time it takes to keep a 64k channel busy for one hour than it would not work. If you redefine erlang to mean something like the amount of traffic it takes to keep a traffic sensitive facility busy for one second then it can work. If you look at the above example I laid out how it possibly could be used. In all reality since it only takes into account the randomness of traffic and not the peakedness of traffic then the calculations will be off.

We need something that will take into account peakedness as well as a blocked call disposition of queued.

Since I am a voice guy, and used to voice methods, I have not done any research into other methods of traffic analysis. I am sure there are other ways around it. But this is a voice guy’s view of it when going into a data world. In all reality, most folks do not do anything more than add bandwidth when their networks begin to slow.