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Reply To: Trunk Group Overflow

Luis Martinez


I’m Luis, Network Planning Manager of a long distance company in México (Avantel)

I would like to suggest you the following:

– Does the E1 (2 Mb) is R2orSS7?, If so, then you can split it up into two new trunk groups (this is not possible with PRI). – Size the first trunk group using the traffic you have during busy hour, convert to E0 using gos=0.01 or what ever you want.

– Trunk group for data: To apply GOS=.1 it should have a behaviour like voice traffic (modem calls) if not, you have to take care of the traffic it is (semiperment connection, simultaneous data sources, then erlang B or C is not applicable and a source to channel assigment could work)

I hope this brief explanation could help you. This is my email: