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Reply To: Need Help Quintum Configuration


Hi Asep,

Good day,

kindly give the exact model of quintum so that we can give you advise.

with your requirments you need the AXM series.

1. Between Quintum 1 & 2 can do call only by extension dial (i.e: when phone #1 from Quintum 1 being pickup and then phone #1 from Quintum #2 will automatically Ringing).

– you can do force route
via telnet you
config-LineCircuitRoutingGroup-1# frn 5551111.
the 5551111 is the assign number of your FxS

2. In Quintum 1, I plug channelbank to FXO port for GSM Call purpose.

-in this scenario you may assign HopoffNumberDirectory dialling pattern.

3. for PSTN calls, I plan to route to local VOIP provider.

-yes it can connect with VoIP Providers, but as mike says “there are many ways to do what you want, all depends on the specifics.”

best regards,