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Reply To: call out to pbx port from internet

MikeM to AK

to cover each one in order;

1. Limit in Hnd. I believe the limit is 32 entries per HND, but you can create multiple HNDs and attach to a single TCRG.

2. If you are using T1 with ISDN, then you can have a total of 23 calls since there are only 23 channels. If you connect 2 T1’s then you could have 46 but only if you have enough voip channels. In the model type of tenor, there are 2 number. The first set says how many T1/E1 lines and the 2nd is how many voip ports, example a DX4048 means there are 4 T1/E1 lines, and 48 VoIP ports, so even though you could have 92 channels across the 4 T1’s (more if E1), only 48 will be able to go over IP.

3. calls to pbx/pstn. If you want different numbers to go to the different ports, then you would need to create a new tcrg and new hnd for each.

4. I do not understand this.

I think that you have many questions and it would be best to continue this through my email direct at and we can further discuss my services to help you get this working.