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Reply To: call out to pbx port from internet

MikeM to Ak

you have many questions and it looks like you are asking someone to provide all the different conf you may want to use. Well, I can help you with the full conf if you want, just contact me at my email to discuss my servics (

As for your questions;

1. confg pbx using hopoff. In the DX, like all the Gen 2 units, the name PBX and PSTN is removed from the interfaces because you can make either interface do either task (hop-off or ldn). All you need to do is assign a hopoff to a tcrg group and assign the tcrg to the channel group that has the channels of the interface you want to use the hop off on, in this case interface 1 (or as you still call it PBX).

2. pbx 2 pstn is working using hopoff, passthrough is disabled on both ports – I do not see a question in this. You seem to have stated a fact.

3. for only specific numbers go to pbx through hopoff? The problem here is that you are using a SIP proxy. What has to happen first is the sip server has to reject the call that you want to send to the interface 1 (PBX). Once it is rejected from IP, then the tenor will look to other routes to send the call to.