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Reply To: VOIP PROBLEMS Poor voice quality, Ground

Chris Bernd

problem is very sporadic and comes and goes in two diverse networks.
While setting up the wrong PCM compression algorthym would cause some of the same issues. Depending on latency they would be constand and not coming and going.
I neglected to mention that this was a spordiac problem were the circuits work for a while then the problems come up.
until the DSP is reset then they go away until next time.
Since Telco is defaulted to U-law, if you inadvertently set for A-law the problems would be ongoing from the start depending on latency.
While a ground loop or energy on a reference would be spordiac.
Not to mention I have one working site and two that are experincing the problem. I sought to find a differnce between the sites.
The Site that never experinced the problem was grounded at least on the Telco side.
The two sites that had the problem, the Telco side had no grounds connected. Worse the installer left a two foot 10awg ground cable hanging in the air on teh telco (NIU) equipment.
Can you say Antenna ?
I grounded one of the sites that was having the problem and left the other as it was.
The problem was showing up every 2-4 weeks and so far has not resurfaced at the grounded site.
Time well tell but after 90 days if the grounded site has not experinced any more issues then the problem is resolved.