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Reply To: IVR FILE

MikeM to Debin


You should review Quintum’s IVR documents located on their web site as this may help.

You need to load the voice files on to a PC that is on the network and running TFTP server. You need to make sure you have the correct directory structure for the languages (shown in the ivr document) and configure the tenor for the IP address of the tftp server. Then when the tenor needs the file it will download it from the tftp server/pc.

As for creating the files, you need to have audio recording software to make the files with no header information (again, this is discussed in the ivr document). FYI, if you plan on recording the files to a language that is not currently supported on the tenor, this may not work as there are 2 parts to the ivr/voice files. The first is the actual voice files which can be recorded by the user. The 2nd is the grammar or how the different voice files are put together to say the correct thing in the correct order (grammar) for that language. This part is software in the tenor and cannot be changed by user.