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Reply To: no dialtone detected

MikeM to Bert


It does not sound like you are missing anything here. For some reason, the tenor is just not detecting your dialtone. You said that you have dialtone detect set to 0, make sure you have dial delay set to 500 or 1000. Another test is to put a standard phone into the PBX port 1 of Tenor, set the pbxtg and pstntg passthru to 1 for yes and try a call from the phone to the pstn. Also, try putting the tenor in bypass. Finally, make sure that your phone line is set for dtmf and not rotary dial.

Other than that, the only way I can help is if I were to make some test calls from my unit to your unit and see what I hear as I may be able to tell about the dial tone, and other tones from my experience.

If you would like me to do this, please contact me at