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Reply To: no dialtone detected

MikeM to Bert


Not sure if there is a big difference in the ring tone in France than any other place. One thing you can try is to connect the pstn port to the pbx port with a straight cable and run the test. This will at least say that the port is good or not.

Another thing to make sure is that there is no voice mail on the analog line that gives a stutter dial tone.

You did not mention the model type, but I am guessing from the log output and the command structure you gave for the test that it is a gen 1 unit (A400/A800) and not a Gen 2 product (AS/AX). There is no settings for different countries in the gen 1 product for the dial tone or type of analog line. There is a feature in gen 2 for line template and that may help.

Finally, you mentioned SIP. I am guessing that you downloaded the software from Quintum to support SIP on the gen 1 unit. I have not heard too much on this software yet, but it is beta and there may be some issues with the SIP side.