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Reply To: Is this IP phone system a good deal?

UK taxpayer

VoIP hackers target IPPBX systems in order to make calls for themselves, not to access information.

I have had a discussion before with a school IT guy in the Uk and it worries me that VoIP resellers are selling a myth – that is, you have to rip out your phone system in order to enjoy the cost savings of VoIP. You don’t. Gateways convert POTS to IP.

I don’t understand the ROI of throwing out your PBX and desk phones to replace them with IP equipment.

So you want to distribute a message to all users – well have you not got email…? I mean – do you really need to use the phone system to do this?

Another thing steven is you need to be concerned that your IT manager has one eye on CV embellishment aswell. VoIP is ‘en vogue’ at the moment.

Talk to a UK based reseller of products such as Quintum, Vegastream, Audiocodes etc. about ‘IP-enabling’ your exisiting phone system. Find out about gateways.

Just my tuppence worth as someone who has worked with VoIP for a long time. Your school’s money (and God knows you need it) is better spent elsewhere.