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Reply To: *** Quintum vs Cisco, a short document

Teodor Georgiev

Hi, I agree that only the name of the document sounds “misleading” –> Quintum advantages.

If you look deeper at the document (I am sure you have done it, but you won’t admit it), I have pointed to the Quintum *DISADVANTAGES* as well.

So, I am not promoting any solution more or less convenient to me.

My comparison is anything, but biased.

At the other side, lets take a look at YOUR post. You are merely defending Cisco, not even a single good word for Quintum, or a bad word for Cisco.

So, which post is biased? Mine or yours?

Lets the other people reading the forum say that.

You have not understood how the Quintum “relay bypass” works. It works on HARDWARE level using the TECHNICAL ELEMENT called “RELAY”. Even if the gateway burns out, or I switch the power off, it will transparently move the traffic between the E1s, thanks to this “relay” (an element, not an action).

Before discussing any others documents as being “promoting” and “naive”, lets take a look at your documents. What have you written? A t least anything? May we take a look at it?