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Reply To: *** Quintum vs Cisco, a short document

Teodor Georgiev to D

1. We are comparing products, not solutions.

2. No, the gateways of Quintum and Cisco can not always serve the same purpose. There are numerous (I can freely name 3) of cases where one of the vendor’s gateway can not replace the other.

3. The Crossbar (X-bar) switches are rock solid too. Working for more than 50 years (and definitely will work more). But they seriously lack of features. Spread the 12.1.(5) T8 IOS among different installations and you will soon get complains of lack of features.

4. The debug of Cisco is not more detailed than the Quintum ones. Which gateway of Quintum you have in mind?

5. I think you have missed to understand how exactly the Tenor bypass feature works.