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Reply To: *** Quintum vs Cisco, a short document

Voip guy.

Check out inline response to your some of the points.

1. Odd routing logic. Based not on the longest match, but on the route type. Each type of route (PSTN, PBX, IP) has a priority.
If you have a 0* route through the “PBX” trunk group (LCRG), and a 001* route via PSTN (a TCRG group), Quintum will try first
to go through the PBX route, despite the longest match. Yes, this is really odd.

Check out their “CallRoutingServer”. It takes out Routing complexity out of the box.
It is very simple,flexible and powrefull routing engine. If you have own more then 1 Tenor and you want to centrally control Routing then Routing Server is the way to go.

4. Poor number rewriting engine. In comparison to Cisco’s SED-style rewriting engine, the one of Quintum is not a match
at all.

Once again Routing Server can do very powerfull Number rewriting.
It supports “regular expressions” for pattern matching.

8. Unlike Cisco, Quintum can not work simultaneously with SIP and H323. You have to choose one of the protocol via a configuration option.

Well, with Quintum you can always receive SIP and H323 calls Simultaneously, and to send selective H323 and SIP calls again use Call Routing Server. it can do it.