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Reply To: Tenor AX basics

WIlson Boyrie

If I read your question right, you have a AX, that means a analog gateway, with analog ports.

You could create one phone number for each “port”,or FXS interface.

That way, when calls come in from the internet, or the VOIP side, you could send the calls to the proper port.

Lets say that your country code is 989. Your area code is 777, and numbers will be 555-1000 trougth 555-1024.

In theory, you could create 24 groups, with one channel each, and asign a diferent number to each group.

The calls will be routed to the diferent ports based on the number received from the VOIP side (“called number”).I do not know of any way to route the calls based on the caller I.D. on Quintum (“calling number”).

To associate phone numbers with FXS ports follow this steps:

1)Using the GUI, go to the tab “Phone FXS,Line FXO configuration”

2)Create a “associated channel group” . On the check marks, allow only one port, like port 1.

3)Repeat for all the other ports, until each port or FXS channel is asociated to a channel group.

Now, you have phisical interfaces asociated with channel groups.

Each channel group have two more asociations on the bottom.
One asociation is the “signaling group”
You could use the “cas signaling group” for all of them, since all the interfaces (FXS) are alike.

Next step: Create “line circuit routing groups”
Create one “line circuit routing group” for each number or port that you will have.
If you will have 24 ports, the best will be to create one per each port. I never have done so many, but I think that it will work.
On each “line circuit routing group”, there is a tab called “bypass/hunting”.That is where all the realtions are tied together.

Now create the phone numbers under “hunt LDN directories tab”
One entry per port, like everything else.

Go back to “line circuit routing groups”, and now you could asociate the “hunt LDN directories” into each “circuit routing group”

IF everything worked , you could do the following test:

type from the telnet prompt “cmd gkep”, and it will look like this:

Call Signal :
Ras :
DN : 740021 Public Ldn Priority(2)
DN : 740022 Public Ldn Priority(2)
DN : 740023 Public Ldn Priority(2)
DN : 740024 Public Ldn Priority(2)


That is a indication that the phone numbers are registering to the GK on the quintum.

You will not receive any calls into the FXS ports until this step works.

If you are absolutelly confused with the procedure, I got lightheaded even typing it.

Post your e-mail and I will contact you if you need a hand.

Wilson Boyrie.