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Reply To: Suggest some innovative (original)

Vivek Agarwal

Our mainstream search engines are resourceful but can be made more efficient. The main problem we face is redundancy in search results. There are two ways to deal with,
1) Dynamically Categorize Results
Let us consider a keyword for search is TITANIC. Search engine will bring results having web pages related to TITANIC as a movie, as a ship, might be as a location or as a person. So as net doesn’t understand our keyword semantically he is unable to bring only relevant results. But there is a way out for this, out of the results collected it can categories these results on the basis of their relevant domains. The domains can be formed dynamically based on the results. Like in case of titanic example the domains would be Movies, History (ship), People and Location. So now user can easily switch on to desired category and discard irrelevant results.
2) Understanding semantic of keyword
In this the keyword would be of the form ‘where did Romeo born?’. So with keyword, search engine will also be capable of understanding statements. Thus search engine will interpret the question statement and brings answer accordingly. There will be countless Romeo named person but our engine should bring birthplace of only that historic hero. Damn!! How he’s going to know which Romeo we expect. So the solution is, he should bring the most viewed popular pages first. It’s quite obvious that there is no Romeo in the world as famous and popular as the historic romantic hero. So we got the desired result.

3) Search for number
People usually face difficulty in search if keyword comprise of digits instead of alphabets. Lets understand how we could make digit keyword search effective by an example, keyword “493874” will not determine whether it is a house no, currency amount or employee no. Provision should be made so that numerical keyword can tagged as per the user requirement. So that if I have tagged 493874 with street no it should bring results which contain this no with only street no and not as a telephone no. So our search is optimized.