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Reply To: “How the internet works”

Vivek Agarwal

Just imagine you want to have a particular dish of food. But you don’t know from where to get that dish, how it looks like or any other detail about it. What you know is only the name of that dish. So u ask to one of your friend say his name is Mr. Internet to get a dish named XYZ for u. Mr. Internet is a very smart person and has many friends worldwide. He uses to call his friends as Servers. He maintains a diary called database to keep his servers address. He refers his servers address as IP addresses. Now he starts looking into his database (diary) for his servers (friends) IP address (address) and goes to every Server who stays in different regions of world. To each server he asks about the xyz dish. So one of the server tells him about the taste of that dish. Then another server tells him about the appearance of that dish. Then at one server he gets information about how it can be cooked or from where it can be bought. So now Mr. Internet comes back to you with all the information u have asked for xyz dish. Hence Mr. Internet along with his servers has solved your problem. This group of Mr. Internet altogether with his servers has formed a large network to solve any problem related to information, communication and availability of resources.
This Mr. Internet and his servers are actually not people but is a technology we find on computer which is called as INTERNET. So internet works in the same way as these people were working around to get the required work done for you.