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Reply To: Quintum Configuration Manager

Bryan Lee

Hey Guys,

I am getting the same error when trying to access the quintum via TCM. The quintum is behind NAT and both ports 23 & 8080 are open.

I can telnet to both ports.

However, I am getting the following error:

“Premature EOF Encountered (Please Check the IP Address)

TCM version: Tenor_Client_CM_103.07.02_101405

Quintum model: BX

Tenor BX [0]

System Software P103-08-00 Oct 21 2005, 13:03:40
H323 Module : 3.1.1
Boot Software P103-00-00

Serial Number: A013-02016A

20-Channel DSP Cards: 1 [1 0 0]
120-Channel DSP Card: No
Digital Interfaces: 8 [2 2 2 2]

Database Version: DB_CMS_M09_A012_V7.0.00_080205

I appreciate if someone has seen this problem and would share the workaround or solution..

Please not this issue is only seen when using the TCM remotely.